Chinese Restaurant Malaysia - Kingdom Palace Restaurant

Kingdom Palace Restaurant was established in 2012 under the expert stewardship of Executive Chef Kenny Lai.

粤潮成立于2012年,由行政总厨Kenny Lai专业领导成为最佳粤菜餐厅之一。

The executive Chef, Chef Kenny Lai

Kenny Lai Executive Chef

The executive Chef, Chef Kenny Lai

With his 30 years of experience learning under masters of Cantonese cuisine, Chef Kenny has perfected the art of translating traditional, home-cooking tastes to exquisitely mouthwatering dishes that please customers both young and old.

He began his cooking career as a young child in Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, following his father around the kitchen, learning his basic skills and ingredients. This early experience formed a deep impression and he was inspired to continue his education in creating fine Cantonese food.

Today, driven by his inquisitive mind and passion in bringing new flavors to his customers, Chef Kenny prizes innovation in his kitchen. His belief is that unexpected and contrary ingredients can be brought together, and spark a chemistry that results in a surprising yet harmonious taste. To improve each dish is the goal, and constant experimentation and a healthy curiosity is how we achieve it.

Fresh Ingredient, Quality Chinese Food

Using fresh ingredients has always been a part of our food philosophy.


粤潮成立于2012年,由行政总厨Kenny Lai专业领导成为最佳粤菜餐厅之一。

凭着他30年对烹饪的热忱并在粤菜师傅的细心指导 和他努力虚心学习之下,主厨Kenny逐渐在实践中创造出属于自己的烹饪哲学,并将传统家庭烹饪口味转化为令人垂涎三尺的美味佳肴,也满足了许多年轻和老顾客们的味蕾。