Chinese Restaurant Malaysia - Kingdom Palace Restaurant
Braised Japanese Whole Dried Abalone with Rich Brown Sauce (14 Heads), 蚝皇溏心日本网鲍(14头) Braised South Africa Whole Abalone with Rich Brown Sauce, 蚝皇原粒南非汤鲍鱼 Braised Australian Whole Abalone with Rich Brown Sauce, 蚝皇原粒澳洲汤鲍鱼 Braised Abalone with Assorted Dried Seafood in Claypot, 鲍鱼一品海味煲 Stewed Pig Shank Tendon with Sea Cucumber & Minced Meat in Claypot, 野菌肉酱猪筋海参煲 Braised Sliced Abalone with Sea Cucumber, 蚝皇鲍甫海参 Braised Sea Cucumber with Goose Web, 蚝皇海参鹅掌 Braised Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Abalone Sauce, 鲍汁煎酿秃参 Braised Sea Cucumber with Fish Puff, 鲍汁海参乾坤鱼付

*All price are subject to 10% service charge & 6% SST.

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