Chinese Restaurant Malaysia - Kingdom Palace Restaurant
“Tau Foo Fah”, 山水豆腐花 Sweetened Red Bean Paste with Orange Peel, 陈皮红豆沙 Chinese Herbal Jelly “Kwai Lin Ko”, 秘制龟苓膏 Double Boiled Aloe Vera & Figs <br />with Honey Dew, 无花果芦荟炖蜜瓜 Chilled Lemongrass with Lime, 西柠香茅冻 Sweetened Almond Cream, 生磨杏仁茶 Chilled Pomelo Sago with Mango Cream, 杨枝甘玉露 Double Boiled Apple with <br />Hawthorn & White Fungus, 山楂银耳炖萍果 Double Boiled “Hasma” with Aloe Vera, 芦荟炖雪蛤 Double Boiled Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar, 冰花炖金丝燕 Steamed Custard Bun with Salted Egg Yolk, 香滑流沙包 Traditional Malay Soft Cake, 椰糖马来糕 Lotus Paste Pancake, 莲蓉锅饼 Special Dessert, 一盅两件

*All price are subject to 10% service charge & 6% SST.

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